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A LARP about going to war with your friends

A generation ago, war fractured the continent.

Two years before our story, people from across the Three Kingdoms were invited to join the Officers' Academy, where the luminaries of their nations could learn together and form bonds that would prevent the next conflict.
On the night of the graduation of the first class, war will break out.
Years later, after war between the Kingdoms reaches its pitch, the same class will meet again...


Borwick Hall, Lancashire, United Kingdom


1st August, 2024 - 4th August, 2024

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Act 1 (Graduation):

Meet your fellow students and prepare for graduation. What happens here shall have bigger consequences than everyone thinks.

Act 2 (War):

Play through the years of war. Betray your friends, or stay loyal to the bitter end! Fight alongside your old enemies, or chase them across the battlefields of the Kingdoms!

Act 3 (Reunion):

A meeting on neutral ground before the final battle. The fate of the Three Kingdoms shall be decided here...

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Game Style


Play to lift: make everybody else look good and they will return the favour.

Narrative freedom: influence the progress of the war through your allegiance and actions.

Rules light:  Offgame calibration mechanics and communication.

Three-Act Structure: play your character over eight years of in game time.



Strategic rules: the war is significantly abstracted.

Combat rules: fights are here to provide fuel for character interactions.

Real life skills: you are as skilled at combat, strategy or politics as your character is.

360 degree immersion: the scale of the game is too wide to depict everything!

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